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You’ve probably known for a long time that social media marketing for businesses is a necessity.

If you’re not already posting with a strategy, you’re likely one step behind most of your competition. But it’s not too late.

Social media marketing is an inimitable tool for achieving and improving brand awareness for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And the mistake many smaller businesses make is thinking that they can’t compete with the big guns.

Here’s how we are helping businesses, big and small, benefit from better brand awareness via social media marketing.

Become an industry voice

You’ve got a voice. Social media helps you share it with the world.

Joining the conversation within your industry helps start communication between various stakeholders, and potential customers, whilst positioning your brand as a leading voice that deserves to be listened to.

Becoming an authoritative figure within your industry doesn’t happen overnight, but consistent social media marketing can help promote your business and your people as an industry authority and generate a brand-new lead-generation machine.

Keep your audience warm

95% of your audience is out of market. They’re not ready to buy, and may not be for a while. Social media marketing helps you educate not only 95%, but 100% of your audience, build trust and show them you’re the right choice should they ever become part of the 5% that are in market.

Nurturing your audience via social media may include addressing pain points that make it easier to buy from you when they’re ready, showcasing customer stories that apply your fix to their problem and sharing offers or sales that may tempt them into becoming a new lead.

Build a story

All businesses are on a journey. Every element of a business is part of that journey, but most importantly – it’s your people.
Social media content offers the opportunity to bring your audience along for the ride. Show the world your successes, tell the stories that matter and enlighten your audience on the heart and soul behind the everyday.

Looking at brands that succeed on social media, many smaller businesses may struggle to believe their story is equally important. But every brand, business owner and professional you follow started in the same place. 

Building your story takes time – but the end result is a more engaged team, a memorable brand and a happy audience.

Customer research

Like most marketing, AB testing can unlock vital insights into your audience, their habits and what they want to see from your brand.

Sales pieces not their bag? Stop wasting your time.
Loving the case studies? Find more of them.

Working with a social media agency, you can analyse the metrics that matter. Draw a better image of your current audience, ideal audience and better tailor your strategy to give the most value possible.

Importantly, this customer research can also be fed into other marketing channels to create a more impactful wider marketing strategy.

Outsource your social media and build your brand

You knew this bit was coming.

You’ve been struggling with your social media for too long. Stopping and starting for a week or two, unable to keep it up.




There’s always something holding you back. Or there was – until now.

Talk to our team to discover what you can achieve with a consistent, calibrated social media strategy that’s managed for you and delivers each and every month.

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