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There’s no shame in admitting that maybe words aren’t your forte.

Your business might be responsible for decisions that change lives or even save lives. Or maybe you can roast the finest arabica beans this side of the sunset.

But if you can’t tell your story properly, it’s going to be hard to get people to listen.

Copywriters are hard to come by – unless obviously, they are writing this blog…

Cue your humble narrator, entering stage left.

Copywriters have a very particular set of skills. They don’t include traversing the world to track down your missing daughter, killing countless hitmen and bad guys in the process. More’s the pity.

What we can do, however, is write.

You, the business owner

You might be thinking:

“Yeah, this is all great, and I LOVE the overused Taken references – but how is it relevant to me?”

Great question.

Every business has an audience, big or small. The modern-day boasts plenty of different methods to reach out to your audience. But are you utilising them?

Whilst a Facebook post here and there or a blog post once a year isn’t going to hurt, it’s also fair to say you’re definitely not making the most of the potential these platforms offer.

Maybe you’ve got a brand-new website. Dolled up to the nines and generating plenty of traffic – but those visitors just don’t seem to want to buy from you.

Where on earth do you turn?

Your situation

You might think about doing it yourself. But we all know how that’s going to turn out. Just like that wonky spice rack in the kitchen from yesteryear. Loosely speaking ‘doing its job’ and definitely not impressing anyone.

You’ve printed your idea for copy, passed it around the office. It’s come back covered in coffee stains and different revisions by fifteen different people. Cooks, broth – say no more.

You need a solution. And you proooobably need it pretty quickly.

The web designers are knocking at your door, demanding the copy they were promised eight weeks ago. Your customers haven’t heard from you for months and are just on the cusp of forgetting about you.

Me, the copywriter

*WARNING: The below may be radically exaggerated.*

The copywriter awakes from slumber, fresh from a night of vivid dreams.

After all, so striking is the scent of a fresh thesaurus on the morning of Christmas.

We roll out from bed, stand to attention and pledge our allegiance to Samuel Johnson’s dictionary.

A plate of alphabetti spaghetti, a peruse of today’s bad news and we are ready for a day of hardcore, unadulterated typing.

We crack our knuckles, lurch forwards over our flatpack desk and let the spirit of Ogilvy flow from our fingertips.

When the nighttime arrives, we recharge the batteries and do it all over again. Rinsing and repeating till we can rinse and repeat no ruddy more.

Our situation

You’re probably realising by now that the status quo just ain’t cricket.

Maybe you’re also realising, after reading the above, that most copywriters have too much creative juice to know what to do with.

The good news? You can have your share of the spoils.

If you need someone to:

– Actually move that new project forwards

– Give your tired brand some new life

– Nurture your digital audience within an inch of their lives

– Add some of the proverbial oomph to your digital marketing

I don’t really need to tell you what to do next.

Let’s talk words, baby.

Email me, message me or send out some smoke signals.

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